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Why We Can Trust The Bible

20 Mar
March 20, 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity to teach at SoulRio church on February 18th and 19th, and wanted to make available to those who were interested the sermon notes and the Keynote presentation made about the historicity of the Bible vs. the Book of Mormon vs. the Qu’ran.


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In short, the teaching was comparing the Bible and its historical accuracy vs. some of the other major religions foundational books, in particular, Mormonism and the Book of Mormon, and Islam and the Qu’ran. It takes a very systematic approach to looking at these three books and takes a look at them from an unbiased skeptics point of view. This is my no means exhaustive as thousands of pages have been written about these subject, yet this is a great foundational overview.

Tests of The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon vs. The Qu’ran



Tests Bible Book of Mormon Qu’ran
Internal TestDoes the content have harmony? Example court case today, do the witnesses contradict themselves.Deut 18:21  PassProphecies fulfilled about 2000 of 2500 (500 Future) FailMany false prophesies. Wiki: Joseph Smith ProphesiesNo prophesies about coming of prophet. FailFalse prophesies.No prophesies about coming of prophet.
External: Bibliographical TestThe bibliographical test seeks to determine the quantity and quality of documents, as well as how far removed they are from the time of the originals. Quality, quantity, timespan. PassNT over 14,000 copies.OT is indisputable. FailBoM purports that was a translation of an older manuscript. Absolute lack of pre-19th century copies. FailOT manuscripts do not match with Qu’ran version. Changing of text after prophets death.
External: Historical / Archaeological TestReference events in History that actually happened and verified by other sources? Do the cities, pottery, animals, foods, & cultures verified by archeological evidence? PassUnparalleled evidence for Bible events. Some unknown. Has only been found truthful in its claims. FailAbsolute lack of archaeological and historical evidence. PassEvidence found for OT events.FailAnachronisms. Referenced Mosque that was not built till 70 years later.
External: Geographical TestDo the places, locations, geological features found in other sources, archaeology, or common knowledge? PassThe Bible is undisputed. FailCities, rivers, seas, mentioned are not supported by anything. FailRefers to buildings which did not exist. ex: Iron Wall of Alexander the Great
External: Linguistic TestDo the languages spoken and written exist and do they match the culture, era, location. PassHebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are all known languages. Writing, alphabets, and still exist. FailReformed Egyptian. That is not a recognized language in history. NAThis is also a potential fail. I am putting documentation together that shows how.
External: Biographical TestDo the characters who are talked about in these books referenced in external sources? PassPharaohs, many Kings, Many enemies Herod, Pontius Pilate, John the Baptist, Jesus and many more found in extra-biblical sources. FailThere is no evidence for the existence of any of the Book of Mormon characters other than those who appear in the Bible (Isaiah, Malachi, Jesus) NAThis is also a potential fail. I am putting documentation together that shows how.


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