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Hi. I’m J.J.

And if you are Brandon Tech (or his peeps), I want to work for you.

(Press spacebar or Scroll Down)

My intent with this webpage is to quickly persuade you to interview me for the Operations Technology Manager position at WDI.

Disney Career Job Summary for Reference

(That's all I'm asking for, just an interview.)

(Press spacebar or Scroll Down)

Let Me Show You… Me!

I want to impress you and show you I am the perfect person for the role.


If you’re unimpressed, click “I’m Unimpressed” and I’ll take it up a notch.

If you’re impressed at any point, then simply click the button below.

Even this webpage can turn into an experience when a hint of surprise is added. See below…

Sometimes the perfect candidate can be hidden or obscured, right
there in plain sight, because although with best intentions, hiring algorithms can
dismiss the more perfect candidate.
I wantto make sure that this is not the case for
me. It’s better to try and fail
than not try for a dream.
what I am asking for, is simply an interview. Weed me out after that, but I hope
you will see the million little events that have
my life to have the experience and character that you are looking for, which can’t be
found on a resume.


(Press Mac: “command + a” or Windows: “Ctrl + a”)

WDI wants someone who has “strong relationship building” skills.
Look no further!

I am so good at building relationships, Brandon and I are already best friends. Here’s proof!

All joking aside, in my role as CEO of Desert Fuels, building thriving relationships was my primary responsibility.

(Yes I know that picture is 5% cheezy, but c’mon, it’s the internet. I just typed in “Brandon Tech” on YouTube and grabbed a screenshot. At least you know I can use photoshop. And yes, that is a picture of me from a vacation in Germany last Christmas.)

I’d Love to Show You the Real Me,
‘Bit’ This Will Do For Now.

(Hover over the green dots to reveal more.)

“I am always curious and never satisfied with not-knowing or not-understanding. When an idea inspires me, I’ll find a way to make it happen.”
“Oh, I am passionate! Not just about work, but about life, other people, and truly making a difference in this world.”
“I won’t stop moving. I will work tirelessly to complete the goals WDI sets out to accomplish.”
I even make cool swooshes when moving quickly in real life.
Yes… I used my bitmoji. No shame here.
Alas, I'm Still Unimpressed.

(See what I did there?)

Yes! I Want to Interview J.J.

(“These are not the droids you’re looking for”.)