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Book – First Draft


Michael & J.J.
J.J.’s first week at Creative Pie Inc.

Pages 1-2

“J.J., you are hired. welcome aboard Creative Pie Inc.!”
“I am a Pie-o-neer! A dream finally come true!”
J.J. wanted to impress Michael and the team so he worked very hard on all the tasks given to him.

Pages 3-4

One day, Michael had a very important project and he did not know who to entrust this project with. “I can’t give it to the new guy J.J., he is too new. But no one else has time or has been able to complete this project.”
Then Michael decided to take a very big chance, and he gave the project to J.J..
“J.J. I have a very important project for you. No one else can seem to get everyone on the same page. Every time the reader of this book turns the page, our team is scattered all over the place.  But I need everyone on the same page.  Can you help me? I need it done by Noon.”
“Yes! I’ll do my best. Thank you! I won’t let you down!”

Pages 5-6

Although J.J. accepted the project with great excitement, he was a little nervous. He has done many projects before, but this was his first project at Creative Pie Inc., and he wanted to impress and not let Michael down.
So J.J.began to work on the project. Making plans, talking to teammates, and working very hard.

Pages 7-8

He worked so hard that the backgrounds of the book he was in were changing. but he didn’t even notice.
J.J. even went to Mars which made the Musk monster very angry.
“I was supposed to be the first one here!” Said the Musk monster.

Pages 9-10

“I think that when Michael is asking me to “get everyone on the same page” that it is really just a metaphor for helping his his team to communicate more effectively. Well, I can definitely help with that! But I will need some help and a little bit of magic. When I say GO, I want you to close this book. Turn it upside down and shake.” Are you ready?
Then the reader of this book paused. Wondering if indeed J.J. was talking to him or not.
“Yes! I am talking to you. I need your help Michael, I can’t do it without you! It takes teamwork.”
Then after mustering the courage to listen to a vector monster printed in ink, the reader decides to believe in just enough magic that maybe he can help. He closes the book, turns it over and…
(IDEA! Put a little bit of glitter in a pouch that comes out when turn upside down. For the full effect, remove this piece of tape for magical experience)

Pages 11-12

What… You don’t believe in magic? If you don’t then this story is over. Because in order to have magic, we must first believe. And if you don’t believe, well then, nothing could be accomplished if this world if at first you didn’t believe. Believing in yourself, and believing in others.
As just like most hopes and dreams, they can’t be accomplished without a little bit of help.

Reader Flips Book – Rear Cover

Back cover of the book. Says SHAKE! And then tells the reader to open here.

Pages 13-14

Image of all monsters on same page.
And just like that, with the help of his new friend, J.J. was able to get everyone on the same page.

Pages 15-16

But… “Oh no! Look at the time!” It was 10 minutes past Noon. J.J. ran into Michael’s office letting him know that the task was complete, handing Michael this very book with everyone on the same page, even-though it was 10 minutes late.
Michael said “I’m sorry, but it might be too late. Let me combine this book with all the other projects from my teams, which combined make up the Golden Pie Project and give to the higher-ups. Then it’s up to them.”
Michael then ran as quickly as he could, taking the Golden Pie Project box to the Bob room.

Pages 17-18

Michael gave the box to Bob. Bob then gave it to Bob and then Bob gave it to Bob.
Bob was so excited about the quality of the contents of the box, he decided to take off his crown and hand it to Bob. Then bob took off his crown and put on the new crown from Bob. He then gave his crown to Bob. Bob then took off his crown and put on the new crown from Bob. He then gave his crown to Michael.

Pages 19-20

Michael then came back and had showed his new crown to everybody. And there was a fantastically fun party. Everyone celebrated Michael and his new crown. The Bob’s showed up and celebrated too! J.J. was very excited to be part of the Golden Pie Project team and even though he didn’t get a crown, he was excited to play an important role in the success of the entire team.
The end.