You may be thinking… It’s difficult to hire a person who has been a CEO of their own company for the past 7 years (I’d have the same reservation).

But this isn’t just an ordinary small business under ordinary leadership. See the proof in the growth, success, and culture which has been meticulously designed & built over the past 8 years.

Awards & Accolades

Desert Fuels was Awarded “Inc. 5000 -America’s Fastest Growing Private Company”

In 2015, Desert Fuels had grown so fast from its inception through 2015, that it was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Inc. 5000 Profile

Desert Fuels was Recognized as the 12th Fastest Growing Company in New Mexico

Desert Fuels was the 12th fastest growing company in 2015 according to “The New Mexico Private 100”.

Press Release

Developed Industry Revolutionizing Design & Technology

Technological innovation set us apart from the competition. See our innovations below.

PowerFuel iPhone AppDOFS: Desert Fuels Order System

Desert Fuels was Awarded 19th “Fastest Growing Companies in New Mexico” in 2014

Recognized and celebrated as one of the fastest growing companies in New Mexico with a sustained growth of 40%!

Press Release

A Brief Story of Growth

It took thousands of hours from a hard-working, dedicated team, but we quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in New Mexico & in the United States!

2010 (Founding Year)
2018 (Current Year)
Team Members
< $1 million
> $80 million
Geo Footprint
One State: New Mexico
7 States: NM, AZ, CO, TX, OK, CA, & MI
Company Consolidation
One Company: Desert Fuels
5 Company Consolidation: Fuel, Transport, Real Estate, Operations, & Parent


(Know Thyself)

Technological Proficiency


Very tech savvy. Proficient in basic technology platforms and software: Microsoft Office, GSuite, Windows & Apple macOS platforms.

Graphic Design




Software & Web Applications



  • Graphic Design: Proficient in the Adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.
  • Programming: Javascript, CSS3, HTML 5, & MySQL/MSSQL, API integrations with Web Services (JSON, XML).
  • Software & Web Applications: Twilio, Zoho Suite (Zoho Creator & Reports), CRM’s, etc.
  • Systems: Amazon Web Services (AWS), WordPress, & Google Cloud.

Focus & Commitment


Very tech savvy. Proficient in basic technology platforms and software: Microsoft Office, GSuite, Windows & Apple macOS platforms.



Very tech savvy. Proficient in basic technology platforms and software: Microsoft Office, GSuite, Windows & Apple macOS platforms.



Accounting: In-depth understanding of Financials Statements (Extrapolation & analysis) and associated executive level reports including but not limited to: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash-Flow Statement, Projections & Forecasting, AR/AP, etc. with the ability to simplify the data and make actionable decisions based on the analysis.

J.J. Mancini's Role

As the founder and owner of Desert Fuels, I've played many roles since its inception. Although my title was President and later CEO (after company consolidation after acquiring two companies), my daily tasks have been far-reaching in scope and definition.

Team Leadership

My belief is this "I want a person to become the best version of themselves and for their dreams to be realized. If that leads them to another company, so be it!" I hold loosely onto people. Always challenging them & inviting them to get better and better at what they do. Imbuing every role with a sense of ownership, pride, and deep value.

Strategic Vision

Weekly meetings with the "Leadership Team", Managers, & Vice Presidents, ensures that the strategic vision stays connected amongst all the parts. See a sample of our WHMSVV which reminds us how to make the best decisions.

See PDF of J.J.'s 2016 Goals
Fun & Joy!

From friendly challenges over the "Undisputed Ping-Pong Champion" trophy holder to team lunches and many team building adventures, it is extremely important to foster an atmosphere of fun & joy.

Business Systems

From accounting system conversions, to developing in-house technology to make the complex industry pricing and logistics look like a breeze, I developed (using third-parties, outsourcing, or developing myself) the industry-leading technologies that propelled Desert Fuels forward.

Brand: Design & Marketing

Designed 95% the Desert Fuels brand. From the logo to the website, marketing materials, ads and more, I created the majority of the marketing material. And when outsourced, the designers were under my specific direction.

See PDF of J.J.'s 2016 Goals
Fun & Joy!

Most days are not easy, but by adding frequent elements of fun and lightheartedness the hard weeks become worth it.

Desert Fuels, under J.J.’s leadership, has become an industry-changing force. Recognized not only as revolutionary but as a refreshing change for good.